Hi, I'm Pavan Daxini!

SMILE PLEASE. Now that I have your attention, let me tell you a story. In 2008, I decided to take my dad's camera for a spin. Since then, it has been a crazy adventure. I never thought anything will come out of my obsession with my camera. But it has been 15 years. 2 Films streaming on Hotstar. 3 films on Amazon Prime. 5 on mxplayer. 100+ weddings. 900+ shoots. And I just directed my first film. We're growing our team in photography and filmmaking. And we're just getting started. Come, let's capture some magical memories for you!

Wedding Photography
We love capturing weddings. These are your most special memories. We want to capture the magic behind those moments
Pre Wedding Photography
Every couple is unique. And so is their chemistry, their laughter, their togetherness. It all should reflect in their pre wedding story. Let us capture yours.
Music Photography
Worked on a few music videos. Also captured artists like Shaan, Mame Khan, Vishal Shekhar, Raghu Dixit, Indian Ocean and many talented indie bands
Wedding Planners
We work closely with wedding planners to take beautiful pictures showcasing your hardwork as planners to your clients.
Fashion Photography
I love shooting portraits. And sometimes some of them turn up pretty good.
Baby Photography
Aren't babies the cutest?
Interior Photography
Every building tells a story. Every room has a hidden tale. Bring it out with us!
Food Photography
If these pictures make you hungry, don't blame me.
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